Practice Times

G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker has her practices in the swimming pool of the Willem Alexander Sportcomplex (for location, see bottom of this page).

The practice times for the season 2023-2024 are as follows:

Monday: 17:30-18:30h by Derk Jan van Duijn

Tuesday: 17.00-18.00 and 18.00-19.00 by Michiel Riemslag

Wednesday: 17.30-19.00 by Niels Kragt

Friday: 18.30-20.15 by Menno Bijlsma

You can come for free three times. If you are planning to come, it would be nice if you send an email to the board

You certainly don't have to be a very good swimmer, but it is necessary that you're able to swim at least 3 swimming strokes (freestyle, breaststroke, backstroke). This is to ensure that the level of the training does not differ too much. If you still have a little trouble with 3 strokes, we advise you to first follow an ACLO course. After that you are of course very welcome!



Location swimming pool:

Willem Alexander Sportcomplex (WAS), Zernikeplein 17.

The swimming pool is located at the end of Zernike Campus. Bike to the end of Zernikelaan, you will bike right to the building. Go inside near the red doors, up the stairs and in front of the canteen down the stairs. The changing rooms are behind the soft drink and candy machines.

Year planning

A year planning has been made to ensure that all swimmers are at the top level during the NSZK rounds (see link below). All practices are given according to this schedule. It is deliberately not stated exactly per practice what is done so that the trainers still have freedom in terms of specific interpretation. In addition, it does not mean that if there is A2 for a week that there cannot be an A3 or sprint practice that week. This is an abbreviated schedule that looks at the averages per week. The weeks on this schedule have a color; the darker the color, the heavier the week. This certainly does not mean that all practices will be heavy this week, but that there will be 1 or more heavy practices.

The year planning