Current Board

30th Board of G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker


Fabian Vercauteren


Yvanka Visser


Floris Stork

Internal Committee Coordinator

Lisanne Boets

Swimming Commissioner

Niels Kragt

Bestuur 2023-2024


Fabian Vercauteren - Chair

Hey Golfbrekers! I am proud to say that I will be Chairman of this wonderful association for the upcoming season. Four years ago, I came to Groningen from the vibrant Brabant to pursue my studies here. With no experience in competitive swimming yet, De Golfbreker welcomed me with open arms and gave me a home in the far north. After the activity, sponsor and training committees, it is now time for the next step. I am looking forward to making it a phenomenal season with fantastic memories together with Yvanka, Floris, Lisanne and Niels.

Yvanka Visser - Secretary

Dear Golfbrekers, my name is Yvanka and I am very happy to introduce myself as Secretary for season '23-'24. After already being active at De Golfbreker for 3 years, I now get to do something for this beautiful association at Board level as well. With an eye for detail and debatable organizational skills, I will do my best to keep everything in order within the association. Whether you want to apply for a start number, want to know something about the association or have any other questions, my mail is always open! I am curious to see what this year has in store for us, in any case I am very much looking forward to it!



Floris Stork- Treasurer

Hello everyone ! My name is Floris and I will be Treasurer of the Golfbreker next season. After 2 years in our beautiful association, I finally feel prepared for the big challenge of being a Board member. I am now entering my third year of Economics and Business Economics at the RUG. I also hope to swim for points at NSZKs and if that doesn't happen I will certainly encourage you very hard!! De Golfbreker helped me fit into student life. Here I experienced all my wonderful times as a student. I look forward to a fun and successful year at De Golfbreker.

Lisanne Boets - Internal Committee Coordinator

Hello dear Golfbrekers! My name is Lisanne and this year I will be the Internal Committee Coordinator of De Golfbreker. At the age of 6, I started swimming at ZPC Stadskanaal. Of course, swimming cannot be missed while studying so I joined De Golfbreker. Last year I was in the Training Committee and the sociability and challenges I got encouraged me to choose a year on the Board after all! Furthermore, I am very much looking forward to a pleasant year together with my Board in which we will learn a lot. Also we hope to see you all at the training sessions and activities!



Niels Kragt - Swimming Commissioner

Hello dear Golfbrekers, After months of waiting, I am finally officially your new Swim Commissioner. I am very much looking forward to being at the poolside with all of you next year to stay on top together. I myself started swimming at the age of 5, and have done it with great passion all these years. Therefore, when I became a student, I enthusiastically joined the club where I subsequently experienced many of the best moments of my student life. I want to continue this next year to make it another wonderful year with you all. #GOLFBREKERKAMPIOEN!!