De Vlag (The Flag)

Donated by: Board 2001-2002

The flag is the most prominent club item of De Golfbreker. It was gifted by the board from 2001-2002 and has served as the figurehead for the association ever since. This is one of the reasons why it is a very popular item for stealing attempts.

The Flag

De Brakke Boelo plate

De Brakke Boelo-schaal (De Brakke Boelo plate)

Donated by: Board 2000-2001
Named after: Boelo Schuur

The Brakke Boelo plate was stolen from E.S.W.Z.V Nayade by the board from 2000-2001. DDB originally stood for “Drie Band Biljart” (roughly translated: Three Band Bil- liards”), but was named after Boelo Schuur following a heroic statement by him. The plate is awarded to the most hungover person after every NS(Z)K and twice during the Schier weekend. In the 2017-2018 season, the plate was replaced due to damage.

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De Voorzittershamer (The Gavel)

Donated by: Board 1998-1999

The gavel was arranged by board 1998-1999 and first used at the GMA when board 1999-2000 was hammered in. Since then, the gavel has been used every members meeting during the opening, when making important decisions and for closing.

The Gavel

The Scottish Flag

De Schotse vlag (The Scottish Flag)

Donated by: The Glasgow University Swim Club

The Scottish Flag was a gift from the Scottish delegation of The Glasgow University Swim Club in September 1998 when this association came to Groningen to swim a mutual competition against each other.

De Boei (The Buoy)

Donated by: Elvira Flikweerd en Milan Breukers

The Buoy was arranged in 1998 by Elvira Flikweerd and Milan Breukers, making it one of the oldest club items. Initially, the letters were pasted on The Buoy, but in the 2000-2001 season these were sprayed on.

The Buoy

The Chandelier

De Kandelaar (The Chandelier)

Donated by: Wouter Schaal

The Chandelier was stolen by Wouter Schaal from a sleeping location during NSZK Amsterdam 1998.

De WC-bril (The Toilet Seat)

Donated by: Jan Wiebe van Niejenhuis

The Toilet Seat was taken at the party location of the NSZK Rotterdam 1999. The quality of the toilet seats was so bad that they had to be replaced. The Toilet Seat was later also printed upon.

The Toilet Seat

The Beer Meter

De Biermeter (The Beer Meter)

Donated by: Board 2007-2008

The Beer Meter was created by the SPONS board from 2007-2008 in return for the stealing of the SPONS flag.

De Fitte Willy (The Fit Willy)

Donated by: Board 2014-2015
Named after: Wilrik Mook

The Fit Willy was recognized as a club item during the GMA on September 23rd 2015 and is the prize for the most fit Golfbreker. It is awarded during the Bata training weekend and the Batavierenrace to the person who has achieved the best performance or has the least muscle pain. At first the cup was called “De Fitte Billy”, but was later renamed “De Fitte Willy”, named after our honorary member Wilrik Mook.

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The Fit Willy

De Vlaggenstok (The Flagpole)

Donated by: Emiel Kamman en Jan Wiebe van Niejenhuis

On the way to the sleeping location of NSZK Delft 2002, Emiel Kamman and Jan-Wiebe van Niejenhuis arranged The Flagpole. Because it was the last competition of this pair, they handed it over to the board 2002-2003 as a parting gift. The Flagpole unfortunately broke on a consti.

De Nieuwe Vlaggenstok (The New Flagpole)

Donated by: Linda Everlo en Martin Lutke

The New Flagpole was stolen on the way to the sleeping location of the NSZK Enschede 2009, at the risk of their own lives, by Linda Everlo and Martin Lutke. Because The Flagpole had disappeared, this flagpole was hammered in as a club item by the board 2009-2010. Unfortunately, The New Flagpole has also disappeared.

De Kapiteinspet (The Captain's Cap)

Donated by: Nelleke, Jorinde, Werner, Thamar and Louise

The Captain's Cap was scored in 2005-2006 on an elderly skipper. During the championship party, one of the board's assignments was to score a new club item. The cap is signed by the skippers for the guarantee of authenticity and later hammered in as a club item during the championship party in Café de Toeter. The original Captain's Cap has unfortunately disappeared in the meantime, but a new Captain's Cap was hammered in during the GMA on September 26st 2019.

The Captain's Cap

The Golf Cup Women

De GolfBeker Dames & De GolfBeker Heren 
(The Golf Cup Women & The Golf Cup Men)

Donated by: Piet van Asperen & Board 2020-2021

The prizes for the club championships were very small and dated. Piet van Asperen thought it was time to change this and was willing to donate two large cups to the association. The board from 2020-2021 has traced all winners from the past and this is how two cups have been created on which all club champions up to 2056 can be engraved.

The Golf Cup Men