Real life starts with … The Classics

In the beginning

G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker was founded in the summer of 1994 by Aliët Hoekstra, Trudie van Niejenhuis, Roel Roeloffzen, Bert Plat, Fulco Zegwaard, Martin Moleveld and Amelia Oey. After which, on September 7th 1994, the very first training is given under the leadership of Johan Poppinga (ACLO). The men and women could never have foreseen that summer that the association would become so successful in the following years. From 25 members in the first year to more than 200 members, everything has come by now. And from one hour of training per week to one hour of training every day. From the first national championship in 1997 until today, we can say that G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker has become an incredible success. The first time that former members returned en masse to Groningen for a fantastic party was at the time of the first lustrum in 1999. In the years that follow, we all come back every 5 years to celebrate the beautiful moments together.

The creation of the Classics

The first Golfbrekers to actively engage in setting up an alumni association are Sander van Gessel and Hester Steur (now also a Van Gessel). On November 1st 2004, an alumni association is mentioned for the first time in the context of the second Golfbreker lustrum, which is formally established by means of its own e-mail address. For the second Golfbreker lustrum, a very active and long-term search is done to find all members of the association in the past 10 years. They manage to get a fantastic turnout of former members. The board realizes that this opportunity only comes around once and decides to set up an alumni committee after the lustrum. Sander and Hester organize a number of activities for former members in the following years. For example, a national night out is organized in Zwolle and in May 2005 the members are called upon to get their swimming outfits out of the closet at the infamous Uurtje van Grunn. After the departure of both former Golfbrekers to their new home in Germany, the administration is transferred to Koos Reitsma (a.k.a. Opa) for a short time.

At that moment, Koos and his free time are completely taken up by the financial challenges at his current swimming club TriVia. A few months later, he handed over the administration to Werner Dijkstra and Gert-Jan Dutman. They update the administration, announce great plans to continue and expand the work of their predecessors. The Golfbreker alumni's will receive an e-mail address separately from the association, but they still officially fall under the board of the Golfbreker as a committee.

From 2007, the Classics participate fanatically in the Uurtje van Grunn every year and they also go to Schiermonnikoog with their own delegation on the same weekend as the current and new members. However, the classics do this a little more luxuriously, with running hot water to shower, nice beds to sleep on, more fun activities and decent food.

The current Classics

In recent years, there has been a considerable number of changes of persons in the so-called 'Classics Board'. Moreover, Arjen Deenen has designed a real Classics logo from the existing Golfbreker logo. This makes the Classics a real independent group of people with annual recurring activities. With the slogan…. 'Oud maar nog niet versleten' (Translation: Old but not worn out yet)

So if you unsubscribe as a member of the student group but don't want to leave completely, we as Classics group offer the perfect solution for you! Feel free to send us an email to welcome you:

Who knows till soon!

The Golfbreker Classics, oud maar nog niet versleten…