Welkom bij G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker!

G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker is dé studentenzwemvereniging van Noord Nederland. Het is een vereniging voor en door studenten. Naast het gezamenlijk trainen hebben we regelmatig borrels en activiteiten en zwemmen we mee in de Nederlandse Studenten Zwem Kompetitie (NSZK). Wat wij bieden is een mix van sport en gezelligheid, waarbij iedereen vrijblijvend en op eigen niveau zijn of haar hobby kan uitoefenen.

Voor meer informatie en/of vragen kun je terecht bij het bestuur of stuur een mail naar: bestuur@golfbreker.org.

Spreekt dit jou aan? Train dan drie keer gratis mee! Hopelijk tot snel in het zwembad!

NSZK II Utrecht

Dear Golfbrekers! The last round of the NSZK is still fresh in our memory, but it’s almost time for the second round! On the 7th of December the battle once again take place, this time in Utrecht. So make sure to sign up, and help keep De Golfbreker at the top of the leaderboard! You…

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Dear Golfbrekers, The Internet committee is going to perform maintenance on the website in the coming week (from 27 October), which might cause the website to be unreachable at some times. Mostly updates will be performed, that may break elements on the website. If you find anything that is not correct or not working properly,…

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Anniversary Month

This month we celebrate our fifth anniversary, because De Golfbreker turns 25! The Anniversary Committee has organized a whole week of great activities with a grand final: the anniversary gala! This is the schedule for the week: Monday 14 October  Living GB Cluedo, drink and Bookpresentation Tuesday 15 October  Lustrumcantus Wednesday 16 October  Salsadance workshop +…

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ONMK Amersfoort

From 2-5th May the ONMK 2019 will be held in Amersfoort. After the success during the shortcourse ONMK in Zwolle we will again venture to this longcourse-edition! More information and the programme can be found via: https://mastersprint.nl/onmk2019lb/ . Please note: deadline for this ONMK is already on Saturday! So if you would like to join…

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Lustrum Activity IV: Rubik’s Cube Theme Party

Dear Golfbrekers, With the pubquiz still in our rearview mirror the time has come to look ahead for the next lustrumactivity. On Thursday the 18th of April we will have a party at Club Lola (Pelsterdwarsstraat 11) with a special theme, Rubiks Cube. This means that you will dress up in the colors of the…

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Training weekend

Dear swimmers, Last year it made us in our best shape in order to become champions, and this year we’re planning on doing it again. The training weekend from 31 May until 2 June is a fact, which means that you can sign up for this amazing NSZK preparation! 3 water trainings and 1 land…

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  Loving talents, Tomorrow we are able to shine once again! The trainings of the new season are going to start and this way we can regain our strength in order to make the new year as successful as last year. One year ago, we start off amazingly by taking a lead of 90 points.…

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Just one more month of waiting and then it is time. October the 20th is our birthday and then G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker will be 24 years old. Not only does this mean that it is time for a party, but it will also be the kick-off for our lustrum year! Because of this celebration the…

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Season finale: activity and party 2019!

15-6-’19 On Saturday 29th of June the final activity and the final party will take place. At 15:00 pm we will go canoeing through the canals of Groningen. After that we are going to eat together on the roof terrace of Campus Zonnelaan (Grote Beerstraat 206, Groningen). The idea is to bring your own food…

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Lustrum Activity IV: Waterskiing

30-3-’19 On Saturday 30 March we’ll take on the game in the cave of the lion. In the 50 meter pool of Amsterdam we’ll be swimming the third competition round, and of course we’re going to do anything about it to enhance our lead in front of SPONS. After this round there is only 1…

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