Welcome to G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker!

G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker has been the student swimming club in Groningen since 1994. Furthermore, it is the largest, most successful, and most social student swimming club in the Netherlands.

Within our six training hours per week, it is possible to swim just for exercise and social contacts, but you can also train for competitions at a high level. Next to the training hours in the Willem Alexander Sportcomplex, we have monthly drinks, many activities and we take part in the NSZK (Dutch Student Swimming Competition). This mix of sport and fun makes that everyone feels welcome.

Do you think this seems interesting? Come, and train three times for free!

For more information and questions you can ask the board during the training hours or send an email to bestuur@golfbreker.org.

See you at the pool!

Activity 1 – Laser gaming

15-11-’18 The swimming season has been going for a while now, so hopefully you are in good shape again. This can be very useful at our first activity of this Golfbreker year! We hope that together we can go ‘uit ons d’Accie’ at this activity, since we will be playing lasergame! This exciting activity will…

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Club meet 2018

20-11-’18 In a little less than a month the battle for the fastest Golfbrekers will be up again. On Tuesday the 20th of November you can participate in the club meet. There will be a battle for each lane and for the fastest man and woman of De Golfbreker. The meet is during the traininghours,…

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NSZK2 Groningen

8-12-’18 The first round in Nijmegen has only just ended, and what a round it was. By swimming merely top performences we managed to get the win with a difference of 12 points ahead of SPONS Amsterdam. Ofcourse, this is already a step in the right direction, but with 3 rounds to go we have…

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