Welkom bij G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker!

G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker is dé studentenzwemvereniging van Noord Nederland. Het is een vereniging voor en door studenten. Naast het gezamenlijk trainen in het Willem Alexander Sportcentrum op het Zernike hebben we regelmatig borrels/activiteiten en zwemmen we jaarlijks mee in de Nederlandse Studenten Zwem Kompetitie (NSZK). Een mix van sport en gezelligheid waarbij iedereen vrijblijvend en op eigen niveau z’n hobby kan uitoefenen.

Denk je nu, dit lijkt me tof? Train dan 3x gratis mee!

Voor meer informatie en vragen kun je terecht bij het bestuur welke aanwezig is tijdens de trainingen of kun je mailen naar bestuur@golfbreker.org.

Tot ziens in het zwembad!


  Loving talents, Tomorrow we are able to shine once again! The trainings of the new season are going to start and this way we can regain our strength in order to make the new year as successful as last year. One year ago, we start off amazingly by taking a lead of 90 points.…

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Just one more month of waiting and then it is time. October the 20th is our birthday and then G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker will be 24 years old. Not only does this mean that it is time for a party, but it will also be the kick-off for our lustrum year! Because of this celebration the…

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Batavierenrace 2019

Did your new year’s resolutions fail already and do you need some help to get back on track? Sign up for the BATAVIERENRACE that will take place from the 10th until the 12th of May. Then we will guide you towards the summerbody you’ve always dreamed about. The Batavierenrace is a relay race over 175…

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Golfbreker Gala 2019

1-2-’19 We can finally announce, that our Gala will take place on the 1st of February 2019! Last night, we announced the theme during the monthly social: Masquerade Mystique! From now on, it is possible to sign up yourself and (possibly) a guest for this fantastic Gala. In short… Dinner Location: Cafe Cheers Time: 18:30…

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Uurtje van Grûnn 2019

2-3-’19 Just like every year there will be an amazing Uurtje van Grûnn. This year with the theme: Smooth Criminals – Bad Guys have more fun. Will you be the bad guy and go for the gold? We will start the day with the 1 hour relay. This relay will be swum with different teams…

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Wintersports 2019

8-3-’19 It’s almost time for the most amazing wintersport trip for swimmers 2019! This will take place from 8 until 17 March in the beautiful St. Sorlin D’Arves in France. Many Golfbrekers have already signed up, but there are still a few spots left. Would you still like to join us in the snow? Sign…

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NK Students Rotterdam

23-2-´19 On 23 February it’s time for the open Dutch championship for students! For the freshmen, this is different than the last 2 rounds of the competition, since now it’s an individual race (except for the relays of course). In Rotterdam you will be competing with students from all over the Netherlands, including the ones…

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Activity 1 – Laser gaming

15-11-’18 The swimming season has been going for a while now, so hopefully you are in good shape again. This can be very useful at our first activity of this Golfbreker year! We hope that together we can go ‘uit ons d’Accie’ at this activity, since we will be playing lasergame! This exciting activity will…

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Club meet 2018

20-11-’18 In a little less than a month the battle for the fastest Golfbrekers will be up again. On Tuesday the 20th of November you can participate in the club meet. There will be a battle for each lane and for the fastest man and woman of De Golfbreker. The meet is during the traininghours,…

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NSZK2 Groningen

8-12-’18 The first round in Nijmegen has only just ended, and what a round it was. By swimming merely top performences we managed to get the win with a difference of 12 points ahead of SPONS Amsterdam. Ofcourse, this is already a step in the right direction, but with 3 rounds to go we have…

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