NSZK2 Groningen


The first round in Nijmegen has only just ended, and what a round it was. By swimming merely top performences we managed to get the win with a difference of 12 points ahead of SPONS Amsterdam. Ofcourse, this is already a step in the right direction, but with 3 rounds to go we have to keep swimming at our very best.

Hopefully, this home match will work in our advantage, and we'll show the Netherlands that we belong on top of the leaderbord of the studentswimcompetition. Because on December 8 we'll host the second round of the NSZK in Groningen. We'll be swimming in the 25m pool in Heerenveen.


1 4x50 breast mix 6 200 free m 11 100 butterfly w 16 50 free m
2 100 back m 7 200 free w 12 50 back m 17 50 free w
3 100 back w 8 50 breast m 13 50 back w 18 100 breast m
4 50 butterfly m 9 50 breast w 14 400 medley m 19 100 breast w
5 50 butterfly w 10 100 butterfly m 15 400 medley w 20 4x50 free m
21 4x50 free w


Unfortunatly, some costs are attached to the event. The pricetag for the competition will be €6,50. Afterwards we'll have dinner and a party, for which the total cost will be €5,50. Sleeping is also possible ofcourse, on friday after the presocial this will be €1,50 and on saturday €1,-. Further information about the party, theme and location will follow.

Signing up for the competition is possible until November 22nd 23:59 hr and signing out without any costs is possible until December 2nd 23:59 hour. For any questions, we of the board are always present, but texting or sending an email is also never a problem.

With love,

If you don't feel like swimming or just want to be our helping hand, then please sign up to become a volunteer! There are a lot of thing you can help us with, such as: helping us out in the pool, cleaning up after the match, escorting people to the busses and keeping an eye out at in the sleeping hall. So if you are interested please send and e-mail to nszk@golfbreker.org

The NSZK-committee

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