Every year G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker participates on the world’s biggest relay race. For this running competition the members always train very hard, which comes side to side with muscle strain, but above all a lot of fun. The “Fitte Willy” is the price for the fittest Golfbreker that has achieved the most or has the least muscle strain. The price is always handed out during the Bata trainings weekend and during the Batavierenrace.

The following members have won the price:

Name Date Event
Selin Wendt 01-05-2022 Batavierenrace
Huub Visser 03-04-2022 Training weekend
** 24-04-2021 Batavierenrace
** 11-04-2021 Training weekend
Tialda Prins 2020 Beide afgelast
Minne Koopmans 11-5-2019 Batavierenrace
Joris Admiraal 14-4-2019 Training weekend
Denise Austen 21-4-2018 Batavierenrace
Evelyn Frieling 25-3-2018 Training weekend
Vincent Visser 30-4-2017 Batavierenrace
Ruben Post 17-3-2017 Training weekend
Stijn van Duinhoven 28-4-2016 Batavierenrace
Ingmar Kloek 13-3-2016 Training weekend
Richard Jonkers 26-4-2015 Batavierenrace
Wilrik Mook 15-3-2015 Training weekend