1. Rules for the Brakke Boelo (DBB)
    1. DBB will be handed out to the Golfbreker with the worst hangover
    2. DBB will be handed out after the next seven occasions:
    • 1st night at Schier
    • 2nd night at Schier
    • NSZK 1
    • NSZK 2
    • NK Students
    • NSZK 3
    • NSZK 4
    1. DBB can only be handed out to members of De Golfbreker
    2. A member of De Golfbreker can get DBB only once a year
    3. Nominating and handing out DBB will happen at the first ‘borrel’ after the party by the holder of DBB (at Schier this happens the next morning)
    4. DBB should be worn at the party from the beginning until at least 1:00 hr. After taking it off, it should be given to the board.
    5. If the holder of DBB isn’t present at the party, the board is authorized to nominate a member of De Golfbreker and to hand out DBB at the next ‘borrel’
    6. The holder of DBB will be listed in 'The wall of Brakness'