Code Blauw

G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker is a student swimming club where fun is paramount, and an open atmosphere prevails. It is an important fact that nothing is required at De Golfbreker; everything is free of obligation. To ensure this, among other things, the Royal Dutch Swimming Association (KNZB) established Code Blauw (Code Blue). 

Code Blue is committed to a sporty and safe swimming climate. The intention is that everyone can interact positively with each other, both inside and outside the pool. Code Blue stands for: respect, sportsmanship, safety, and fun. 

At De Golfbreker, we find it extremely important to be able to swim, party and go to activities as fun and safe as possible.

1. Code of Conduct

To ensure all this, various documents have been drawn up within the association that all members must adhere to. The Code of Conduct is the most important in this. It describes exactly what is and what is not tolerated within the association. 

The Code of Conduct

2. Confidential contact person

Potential problems can always be raised with the board. If this is not an option, or if you prefer to discuss matters anonymously with someone, there are several options. A confidential contact person has been appointed within the association that you can contact at any time. If you prefer to talk outside the association, the ACLO and KNZB also have people you can turn to. Finally, there is the possibility to seek for contact via an anonymous chat via the website of Centrum Veilig Sport Nederland (Centrum for safe sport Netherlands) (CVSN). Below are all links to the different options:

Confidential contact person G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker
Linne Boerma (

Confidential contact person ACLO
Bram Pikkemaat (

Confidential contact person KNZB
Quintalle Nix (06-25645235)
Jan Eertink (06-89924322) 

CVSN Contact form

3. Hiring Policy plan

New volunteers from G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker are hired through several steps, which are described in the Hiring Policy plan. This plan has been drawn up with the help of the KNZB and can be found through the following link.

The Hiring Policy plan

4. Registering Policy

The Registering Policy describes the rights and obligations of a member when he/she registers for an activity of De Golfbreker.

The Registering Policy

5. Introduce Policy

The introduce policy is written so that it is clear to both the guest and the member bringing the guest along what is expected and required of them.

The Introduce Policy