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De Vlag (The Flag)

Arranged by: Board 2001-2002
When: September 2002

The Golfbreker flag is one of the most prominent attributes of the association. The flag was donated by the board of season 2001-2002 at the end of her board year. Unfortunately being the figurehead of the association leads to a lot of stealing attempts, which the boards defend with all their power.

De Brakke Boelo-schaal (De Brakke Boelo-plate)

Arranged by: Board 2000-2001
When: January 2001

With bringing back the Boei that was stolen by Nayade, De Brakke Boelo (DBB) was taken by the board of De Golfbreker on the New Year’s social hosted by Nayade. The board consisted of: Richard Hamstra, Werner Dijkstra, Jasperien van Doormaal, Sander van Gessel en Hester Steur. DBB originally stood for “Drie Band Biljart” (roughly translated: Three Band Billiards”) but was named “De Brakke Boelo” after a heroic statement of Boelo Schuur.

This plate is handed out during every NS(Z)K competition and twice during the weekend on Schiermonnikoog to the person with the worst hangover. Puking is as much as a guarantee for “winning” the plate.

Stealing attempts: a lot, see Flag.


De Voorzittershamer (The Gavel)

Arranged by: Board 1998-1999
When: August 1999

The Gavel was used first during the GMA when the board of 1999-2000 took over controlling the association. Opening of the GMA, important decisions and closing the meeting is since then done with a stroke of the gavel.

Stealing attempts: none, until some Golfbreker members (!!) brought a change in this. Meanwhile, the Gavel was brought back to the rightful owner, in exchange for an extra couplet for the Golfbreker anthem.

De Schotse vlag (The Scottish Flag) (The Scottish Flag)

Arranged by: this flag was a gift from the Scottish delegation
When: September 1998

The Scottish delegation came to Groningen to swim a race with the members of De Golfbreker. The official name of these Scots was: G.U.S.C. (Glasgow University Swim Club).

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De Boei (The Buoy)

Arranged by: Elvira Flikweerd en Milan Breukers
When: September 1998

De Boei is one of the older attributes. First it had gone through life with pasted letters, but in season 2000-2001, the letters were sprayed on.

De Kandelaar (The Chandelier)

Arranged by: Wouter Schaal
When: September 1998, on the NSZK in Amsterdam

Wouter has appropriated the Kandelaar on the sleeping place of the competition.


De Wc-bril (The Toilet Seat)

Arranged by: Jan Wiebe van Niejenhuis
When: February 1999, on the NSZK in Rotterdam

On the party location of the NSZK, the quality of the toilets was clearly so bad that It was in need of some renovation! The WC-bril was later printed on by an acquaintance of co-Golfbreker Pieter van Leeuwen.

De Biermeter (The Beer Meter)

Arranged by: Board 2007-2008
When: Season 2007-2008

After stealing the SPONS flag, the board of season 2007-2008 of SPONS had to make a Biermeter as compensation. The Golfbreker board of 2007-2008 has received the Biermeter with proud. Since then the Biermeter has become an official club item of De Golfbreker.


De Fitte Willy (The Fit Willy)

Named after: Wilrik Mook
When: hammered in as a club item during the GMA on the 23rd of September 2015

Every year G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker participates on the world’s biggest relay race. For this running competition the members always train very hard, which comes side to side with muscle strain, but above all a lot of fun. The “Fitte Willy” is the price for the fittest Golfbreker that has achieved the most or has the leased muscle strain. The price is always handed out during the Bata trainings weekend and on the Batavierenrace. In the season 2013-2014 the first cup, which was called the “Fitte Billy” was renamed to “Fitte Willy”. It was named after our always 7up drinking honorary member Wilrik Mook.

Click here to see who has already received the Fitte Willy.

De NSZK-wisselbeker (The NSZK-competition Cup)

Arranged by: handed out by the NSZK foundation to the winner of the swimming competition
When: In the season 1995-1996 up until 2011-2012 and in season 2017-2018.

The cup is handed out at the end of every season to the association who needed the least amount of seconds to swim every distance. De Golfbreker has won the cup 12 years in a row, a super performance! Because the cup fell apart in 2005, the board of the NSZK foundation then decided to buy a new cup. Every year the members of the winning association drink beer out of the cup. Even though there is a brand new cup, some people think that drinking out of the old very disgusting cup had more charm than this one.

The other cups:
Besides the Wisselbeker, the winning association also receives a cup to keep for winning the first place in the competition. In recent years a lot of cups have been collected. Moreover, there have been handed out several cups during the ESST in Groningen in October 2004. All these cups are standing in the trophy cabinet, brought by the board of 2004-2005, in café Havenzicht.

De Vlaggenstok (The Flagpole)

Arranged by: Emiel Kamman en Jan Wiebe van Niejenhuis
Where and when: June 2002, NSZK Delft

On their way to the sleeping location, Emiel and Jan-Wiebe arranged the Vlaggenstok. Because it was the last competition of the two Golfbrekers, they delivered the Vlaggenstok as a farewell present. A nice closure of a long and fertile membership of the two gentlemen.

De Nieuwe Vlaggenstok (The New Flagpole)

Arranged by: Linda Everlo en Martin Lutke
Where and when: June 2009, NSZK Enschede

On their way to the sleeping location, Linda and Martin stole the Vlaggenstok. While Linda was on guard, Martin climbed with a fear for his life, on a home make ladder with crush barriers to confiscate the Vlaggenstok from high in the sky. They even managed to fight of the stealing attempts of the jealous members of SPONS. Since the old Vlaggenstok has disappeared, the board of 2009-2010 had officially appointed the new Vlaggenstok as a club item.

De Kapiteinspet (The Captain's hat)

Arranged by: Nelleke, Jorinde, Werner, Thamar and Louise
When: Championship party 2006

For the championship party the board of 2005-2006 had the mission to score a new club item. For this mission the members of a certain group, namely, Nelleke, Jorinde, Werner, Thamar and Louise decided to search the canals for attributes that would fit with the Boei. Eventually they came across a friendly bearded skipper that gave them their hat. For a guarantee of the authenticity of the hat, they let the captain sign it. Later on in café de Toeter, the board of 2005-2006 announced that the captain’s hat would become an official Golfbreker club item, which indeed happened.

Stealing attempts: On the beginning of season 2007-2008 Remco Temmink though he would outsmart the board and took the captain’s hat after a long GMA. Unfortunately for him he didn’t really understand how Hotmail worked and his ‘anonymous’ e-mail on behalf of ‘the man with the hat’ came to the board under his own e-mail address which included his name.