Real life starts with … The Classics

1994 – 2004 The beginning

G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker was founded by Aliët Hoekstra, Trudie Niejenhuis, Roel Roeloffzen, Bert Plat, Fulco Zegwaard, Martin Moleveld en Amelia Oey in the summer of 1994. And on the 7th of September 1994 the very first Golfbreker training was given led by Johan Poppinga (ACLO). No one expected the association to be this succesful. From 25 members in the first year, there are around 180 members anno 2018. From one hour of practice each week, to six hours of practice. From the first national championship in 1997, tot he 15th in 2018. Within 24 years the Golfbreker has become a big success.

The first time old-members came back to Groningen en masse was because of a fantastic party during our first lustrum in 1999. In the following years there was talk of a alumni association, but it was not until five years later that those thoughts started to form.

2004 – 2007 The establishment

The first Golfbrekers who become involved with the establishment of the alumni association were Sander van Gessel and Hester Steur (in the meantime also a Van Gessel). In the context of the second Golfbrekerlustrum there was spoken of a alumni association fort he first time on the first of November 2004. The association was officially established by means of her own e-mailaddress. In the run-up to the second Golfbrekerlustrum old-members of the last ten years were trying to be found. And succesfully, a massive group of old-members was gathered. The Board realized this was a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity and she decided to keep going and established a special alumni committee. That year severel activities for old-members were organised by Sander and Hester. So there was a national night out in Zwolle and in May of that year (2005) the members were invited to get their swimmingsuit out of their closet for the well-known Uurtje van Grûnn. After the exit of both old-Golfbrekers to their new hometown Heimat in Germany the paperwork was handed over to Koos Reitsma (a.k.a. Granddad) for a little while.

Koos and his spare time were totally consumed by the financial challenges at his former swimming association TriVia. After a few months Koos handed over the paperwork to Werner Dijkstra and Gert-Jan Dutman. They updated the administration and announced big plans to continue and expand the work of their predecessors. De Golfbreker alumnis were given their own e-mail address seperate from the association, but still falling within the authority of the Golbreker as a committee.

The first activity was the annual Uurtje van Grûnn, May 2007. Ideas for new activities were inventoried and the idea of an alumniweekend on Schiermonnikoog was welcomed with enthusiasm. And so it was that in the third weekend of September a delegation of around 20 old-Golfbrekers went off to Schiermonnikoog. Barnyard ‘De Oorsprong’ was their home base. This barnyard was provided with all kind of comforts such as hot water, appropriate numbers of showers, table football and a huge fridge. Highlights of the weekend were the mudflat walking and the announcement of the upcoming marriage of Sander and Hester.

2008 – Present Golfbreker Classics

The following year several activities were organised again such as ‘'t Uurtje’ and a weekend to Schiermonnikgoog. The original Golfbreker logo from Karen Groenink was transformed into a new golden alumni logo by Arjen Deenen, which was printed on a blue poloshirt. Also the name Golfbreker Alumnis was replaced by Golfbreker Classis and the slogan ‘Oud, maar nog niet versleten’ was invented. The committee is no longer an official committee of De Golfbreker, but an independent group. Werner and Gert-Jan were reinforced by Hendrika Wollerich. The new poloshirt was on her way up on Schier 2008, as well as the new name. 30 Old-members applied for this weekend on Schier, with a day of deep-sea fishing on Saturday. The Classics were based and the future looks pretty good!

In 2009, in addition to the usual activities, the third lustrum of G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker was on the agenda. The lustrumyear was kicked off during the ‘Uurtje van Grunn’ that spring. The Classics are well represented with a group of 25 people. Also attention was drewn to the lustrum that weekend, when dinner was made by Koos. The Classics could be found at the beach that Saturday afternoon, where they attended a kite course. That fall the lustrumweek was organised and the big Golfbreker Gala in Huize Maas was on the 7th of November. 27 Classics showed that their moves from way back are still cool.

Because one helping woman wasn’t enough for the ‘old’ men Dutman and Dijkstra, Annelies Ebbens also joined the Classics committee in 2010. In the following years the group Golfbreker Classics consisted of a stable group Old-Golfbrekers and the flow of new members became better and better. Every year a group of about 30 Classics went to Schier. Especially on the Friday evening, people were drinking and partying and good old stories were reminisced together with current Golfbrekers.
We tried to compete with the fit students during the ‘Uurtje van Grûnn’, and not without success, at the short distances we were doing a pretty good job. Some Classics try to maintain their body condition at the Master teams somewhere within the Netherlands, especially for this event.

In 2011 Gert-Jan Dutman and Werner Dijkstra have stepped down from the committee and Remco Temmink and Freek Nieuwhof have filled in these places. Together they hung out with the ladies and a few nice years have passed. On Schiermonnikoog there is traditionally an activity. Because of this the traditional games of ‘klootschieten’, stunt kiting, archery and ‘strandjutten’ have been enjoyed. The pubquiz has also made his entrance and is already legendary. However the composition changes somewhat every year, we can still count on an active core of approximately 50 to 60 old Golfbrekers.

In the year 2015, De Golfbreker Classics are still alive and kicking, current members can see this during the member weekend on Schier or during 't Uurtje van Grûnn. In 2014, Anique Willeme took the place of Annelies Ebbens and Hendrika Wollericht in in the committee which means that De Golfbreker Classics can prosper for years!

Because the increase of the average age, which is equal to the history of G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker, there is a different need (a bit more luxurious, slightly more extensive food) among the former members.
Nevertheless, Classics still enjoy a nice party from time to time; in the Toxbar or in a pub in Groningen. Also, during the spring we will show or toned bodies in the Groninger swimming pool. Game On!!!

We are heading for the third Classics Lustrum in 2018 and the next Golfbreker Lustrum in 2019!

De Golfbreker Classics, oud maar niet versleten…