On Saturday 29th of June the final activity and the final party will take place. At 15:00 pm we will go canoeing through the canals of Groningen. After that we are going to eat together on the roof terrace of Campus Zonnelaan (Grote Beerstraat 206, Groningen). The idea is to bring your own food so everybody can taste the delicious things that everyone has made. Drinks are provided by the Accie! When we reach the evening, we will go to ''Billy Jean'' (Poelestraat 53-55). The theme of the party will be announced later.

Costs canoeing: About €8 per person
Costs dinner: Bring your own
Costs party: Entrance is free. Beer, wine and soft drinks €1,50

You can sign up at the button below. The deadline for sign up and unsubscribe for free is 19th June 19, 11:59 pm.

See you 29th June!

Love, Uit ons d’Accie