On Saturday 30 March we'll take on the game in the cave of the lion. In the 50 meter pool of Amsterdam we'll be swimming the third competition round, and of course we're going to do anything about it to enhance our lead in front of SPONS. After this round there is only 1 left in Enschede, and we can't begin with SPONS having a head start of us!!!

The competition will take place in the Sloterparkbad (President Allendelaan 3, 1064 GW Amsterdam). At 13:00 hour there's the possibility to warm-up in the pool, and half an hour later the first serie will start (€6,50).


1 4x50 vl mix 6 200 ru d 11 100 vr h 16 50 ss d
2 100 ss d 7 200 ru h 12 50 ru d 17 50 ss h
3 100 ss h 8 50 vl d 13 50 ru h 18 100 vl d
4 50 vr d 9 50 vl h 14 400 vr d 19 100 vl h
5 50 vr h 10 100 vr d 15 400 vr h 20 4x50 wi d
21 4x100 vr h

After the competition we'll get domino's in the pool, and afterwards we'll move over to the party to start an unforgettable night in society Lanx (together €5,50). Of course there is the possibility to sleep both nights, moreover this will follow (€1,- a night)

You don't want to miss this competition, so quickly sign up!! This is possible until wednesday 11 March 23:59 hour. You can sign off until 21 March 23:59 hour. If you have any questions or remarks you can always send a text/email or just ask one of us in the pool!

With love, Edwin