The last round of the NSZK is near. The round in which we have to show everyone else one more time what we can do and to take back our place in the leaderbord! And this certainly isn't impossible! In Enschede we'll have an advantage that will help us win our competition. But in order to win you all have to participate! Take everyone with you, swim like you have never swum before, and hopefully come and celebrate the championship with us in the evening!

The theme of NSZK IV: Temptation Weiland. There isn't much more info received yet about the weekend, but the competition will take place on 15 June in the outside pool (25m) of Piranha, De Hems 10 in Enschede. The costs as usual will be: €1,- per sleeping night, €6,50 for the competition and €6,50 for diner and/or party.


1 4x50 wi h 6 50 ss d 11 100 ss h 16 100 wi d
2 4x100 wi d 7 200 vl h 12 100 ss d 17 50 vl h
3 100 vr h 8 200 vl d 13 50 vr h 18 50 vl d
4 100 vr d 9 50 ru h 14 50 vr d 19 100 ru h
5 50 ss h 10 50 ru d 15 100 wi h 20 100 ru d
21 8x50 vr mix

Signing up for this weekend is possible until Wednesday 29 May 23:59 hour and costless canceling can be done until Sunday 9 June 23:59 hour.

Sign up for this weekend quickly, and if you want to have the ultimate preparation for this round, come to the trainingsweekend on 31 May until 2 June!

Love, Edwin