Loving talents,

Tomorrow we are able to shine once again! The trainings of the new season are going to start and this way we can regain our strength in order to make the new year as successful as last year. One year ago, we start off amazingly by taking a lead of 90 points. Of course we want to bring back the championship back to the high north, and a similar stunt would bring us back on the right track.

I'm talking of course about the well known NSZK-competition! This is the student swimming competition, and more info about this can be found on the website for swimmers who are new to this.

The first NSZK will be held in Nijmegen by Hydrofiel on October 20. The competition itself will cost you €6,50. Hereafter, dinner will be served and you can enjoy the party for the rest of the evening, with a total cost of €5,50. Sleeping is also a possibility, on Friday after the predrinks this will be €1,50 and on Saturday €1,-. Further info concerning the party, theme and location will follow.

You can sign up for the competition until 4 October 23:59, and costless signing out is possible until October 14 23:59. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask anyone of the candidate board or the current board.

Goodluck and with love,
Denise Austen and Edwin Jager

Programme NSZK 1 Nijmegen (long course):
1. mix 4x50 backstroke
2. women 100 butterfly
3. men 100 butterfly
4. women 50 backstroke
5. men 50 backstroke
6. women 200 breaststroke
7. men 200 breaststroke
8. women 50 freestyle
9. men 50 freestyle
10. women 100 backstroke
11. men 100 backstroke
12. women 50 butterfly
13. men 50 butterfly
14. women 200 medley
15. men 200 medley
16. women 50 breaststroke
17. men 50 breaststroke
18. women 100 freestyle
19. men 100 freestyle
20. women 4x50 freestyle
21. men 4x100 medley

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