Welcome to the English part of the website of G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker.

G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker has been the only swimming club for students in Groningen since 1994. Furthermore, it is the largest, most successful, and most social student swimming club of the Netherlands.

Within our training, it is possible to swim just for fun and for social contacts but you can also train for competitions on a high level. Students with interest in competition swimming are trained in the right techniques. For competitive swimmers, G.Z.S.V. De Golfbreker offers six training hours per week.
Next to that our trainers also provide exercises for people who just want to train for fun. In this way, our training is accessible for people who want to train more in a social way than they could do at the normal ACLO hours. However, to become a member of our swimming club you have to know at least three strokes in a good manner. 

For season 2017-2018 G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker has the following training hours:

Monday:       18.30-19.30

Tuesday:      17.00-18.00 and 18:00-19:00* 

Wednesday: 17.30-18.30

Friday:         18.30-19.30 and 19:30 - 20:30*

*On Tuesdays and Fridays there is also the possibility to practice from 17:00-19:00 and 18:30-20:30.

The swimming pool we use is located in the WAS (Willem Alexander Sportcomplex, also known as the HIS-building), at the Zernikeplein 17. The WAS is located at the intersection between the Zernikelaan and Zernikeplein. When you have reached the building, enter through the red revolving doors, climb the stairs and before you reach the canteen, descent the stairs or enter through the sliding doors in the bicycle storage. You will find the changing rooms behind the vending machines. After the training sessions, we usually cycle home together.
There is also a possibility to cycle to the training with one of the board members the first time. If you want you can contact us.

Our swimming club participates four times a year within a competition which is called the NSZK (Dutch Student Swimming Competition). These competitions are in Groningen or one of the other large student cities of the Netherlands. There is also the possibility to swim once a year the Dutch Championships for students, in which every student in the Netherlands could participate even if they are not a member of a student swimming club. These competitions are not only a competitive but also a social event because after the competition there is a joint dinner and party. After the party, we all sleep together in the competition city.

Besides the swimming activities, G.S.Z.V. De Golfbreker offers also social events, like drinks (every second Thursday of the month), dinners and other social activities. Of course, there is also the possibility to join one of the many committees we have.

The costs of becoming a member of our swimming club are € 45,- a year and an administration fee of €5,- only in the first year. Besides this, you need to have an ACLO-card. You can obtain this card at the ACLO and it costs € 59,95 a year. With this card, you can sport at every general ACLO hour in every category of sport for free throughout the year.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our swimming club you can contact us. There is a possibility to train three times for free and without any consequences. So don’t hesitate and visit one of the training hours!

If you have any questions you can always reach us at bestuur@golfbreker.org or by calling one of the numbers you will find below. We hope to see you soon at the swimming pool!

Nikki van der Pijl (06 31334046) or Minne Koopmans (06 55078346)



We hope of course that you don’t want to get rid of the title "Golfbreker member", but if you want to unsubscribe for the upcoming season, please do this before 1 August. If you unsubscribe after this time, we unfortunately still have to charge the membership fee for the coming season from your bank account. To unsubscribe, you can send an email to bestuur@golfbreker.org.